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It only happens to someone else
How can it happen to me?
Isn't this what all of us usually think?
If you nodded your head
A change in your perspective
On aids is imperative and long due.

It can happen to anyone of me or you,
because AIDS is caused by a pathogen
who knows no discrimination
or dosen't bother about whose who,
it just takes one off-guard
and before you realize it, you are marred.

AIDS/HIV fancies young lives
it takes in mostly young adults as captives.
Spouses pass on the virus,
Errant bafoons and drug addicts pass it on too.
New-borns contract it from their mothers
and are orphaned soon after
thus disappears their laughter
isn't is so criminal?

Modern man forearmed with education,
is practicing wretched ignorance
and alienating AIDS victims
who need our love and support,
and not being ostracized
which just adds to their problems.
Love them in their moments of pain
for a little love from man to man
never goes in vain.

AIDS..... epidemic are the dark clouds
but there is a glimmer of hope
open you eyes to the silver lining,
AIDS is preventable & this fact is soothing.
A little precaution can keep
this scourge at bay
So take a positive step today!

(17 May,2006)

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A good social theme to bring a total awareness among the present generation.
Cool way to get people to look at it again. nice work
Dear Preeti, As poets we are the recorded voices of our generation...and yours is exceptionally poignant and, especially for one so young! So many lived life experiences have colored my thoughts...basic human rights, human dignity and the right to love and be loved are all forefront in my guiding thoughts...I pray, all, one day will come to cherish and embrace each of these rights in daily their action! I have worked in the medical in field most of my life...I worked with the very first known men dying from aids (in those days, we only touched these fellows fully gowned and masked) and I have held and soothed crying hiv-infected infants when no one would...after drawing thier blood from tiny limbs... I began a migrant farm-worker mission...(read: We Will be Good Feet, We Promise) images of these workers robbed and dipped in poverty...body, mind and soul still haunt me... And now I contemplate returning to school for more training at age 50...to become a rural doc for poor here in rural Tennessee...the need is so great... I am in awe of your poem, AIDS, Preeti...please continue write, your finely focused heart is a wonderful gift! ~ Debora ps. I do plan to keep reading...all your writing: -)
The title happened to catch my eye and as i was reading it, it felt a little like a health class lecture, not really a poem, until the latter part of the poem. Very interesting style though, very unique
Preeti............ Really a thought provoking problem. You do write on varied topics Anjana
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