Aim Higher

Through win and lose it's best to try, to seek the highest good!
Through hit and miss, and laugh or cry, to do the best you could!
The world is like a hungry man that aches for peace inside!
In Heaven above, God has a plan, yet Man must lose his pride!
God tells us straight, 'If you'd obey, war's but a memory,
With peace surrounding you each day and children full of glee!
What use is conflict all the time? What use is despot rule?
What use is hardship wrought by crime? Why live life like a fool?
Far better, then, to think things through! To mull the pros and cons.
To pray then plan what you should do - this is the best response!
Aim higher! Lift up holy hands! Like sunflowers, stretch above!
Then as you follow Christ's commands, your life will fill with love!
While sunshine warms the outer skin, His Love can warm the heart!
Aim higher! Let the Saviour in, so that new life may start...'

by Denis Martindale

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