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Aim Is Getting Eternal Bliss

We hanker and we search,
For long lasting happiness,
But that we get is temporary,
Eternity calls us to recall.

As we all souls are eternal,
We have to think and realize,
Truth is not bent easily too,
We are true entities of power.

Vibrations we generate so far,
So far we receive vibrations,
God sends and we catch soon,
Silence becomes pure medium.

We have our aim to get bliss,
That is eternal bliss that shines,
No sorrow or no pain touches,
Mind gets bliss directly from God.

© Kumarmani Mahakul,3rd, July 2017. All rights reserved.

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Comments (4)

Getting eternal bliss we feel true life. Sweet flute of God produces sweet sound for learning. We feel God's love with greatest sweetness. His flute is nice. You are a nice poet and this poem is an excellent poem.
Eternity calls us to embrace the spiritual path A pious concept is elegantly expressed...10
Eternal Bliss needs spirituality, thank you for sharing the poem with us
'Mrityor ma amrutam gamaya' As the Upanishads proclaim, we are here on a spiritual journey. Our ultimate objective is eternal bliss! So beautifully poured out in this poem. 100+++