Aiming For A Better World...

If we don't try to make the world a better place
Then it will become a bitter place...
A wasteland of broken hearts and broken dreams...
A void in space, a place to avoid...
If we didn't want the world to improve
Then why would we send our children to school
To pass exams for a future career?

If we want the best for our children
Then shouldn't we want the best for ourselves?
Yet Jesus once prophesied of plagues, famines and wars
And rumours of wars in the end times...
Does that mean there's no escape?

Shouldn't we at least try to reduce the number of plagues?
Shouldn't we at least try to reduce the number of those starving souls?
Shouldn't we at least try to reduce the number of wars?
We ought to pray for peace and be peacemakers...
We ought to feed the starving... but do we?
How come there are millions spent on trying to go to Mars?
How come we don't help those on Earth first?

Where are our priorities, our scruples, our sense of justice and injustice?
Where's our full portion of love, compassion, everyday kindness?
Are we too old to learn old tricks rather than the new?
The old ways were based on the fulness of a community spirit
That reached out with the arms of Christ to one and all...

Is that fellowship dead and gone with the old prayer books
And Church services of yester-year?
Or does love live on by the example of faithful friends of Christ?
God knows what we ought to be doing... Do we?
And if we don't, are we willing to ask? To find out? To sacrifice?
Somehow I cant help wondering if anyone knows what love is any more...

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