Once I had a mania
To move to Transylvania.
So I went and took a trania
And traveled to Romania.
But I didn't like it there
Too many vampires in the air.

Then I went off to Spania
Where the rain falls on the plainia
But there were too many toros around
All trying to stomp me in the ground.
Though I knew it was insania
I motored to old Armenia
But that place I could not abide
All they talked about was the genocide.

I didn't want to have to explainia
Which would cause excessive drainia
On my already weakened crania.
I could go to Ukrainia
But that's a good no-brainia.
And don't forget Tanzania
Or maybe even Afghanistania
So I went home to Pennsylvania
And I think that I'll remainia.
And try not to go insania.

I think I'll stay even though
there are too many Amish
horse and buggies clogging the roads.
But the Pennsylvania Dutch are alright
and make some scrumptious scrapple.
And they say things like "Red the table"
and ‘Outten the light."

by George Hunter

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