Poem Hunter
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)


A prelude in C
A place for you and me
A cushion, a home, a vital element
We drink it in, dance on the bubbles
Air, just like your soft hair
A neccessity in life....

It carries nature
Lets faries dance on its stream
Brings the cold, the warmth
The whisper of a dream
We can't exist without it.....

The breath of life
The only true constant in this world
If polluted, a curse, if virginial
What could be more, than this...
This life in our veins

It carries you to me
It floats in my memory, it sings
And transcends the rainbows it seems
It is wonderful, it spins in my heart
Lifts you to mine eyes

Spiritual and fast
Summoning the grass and painting
A myriad of colours on the flowers
A solace in these hours.... A hope
A flurry, in this midnight scurry

It carries your love to me
Your words that mean so much
It balances my love in our hands
And tenderly cradles your mind

Until it reaches mine
This air, this flair, this
undeniable glare of reality that spins
That reaches within me and
Massages my soul

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That was beautiful I wish I could do that Write like that and also be in that place. It's been tooooooooo long can't remember but this one helps Thanks