(1987- / Groton, Connecticutt)

Air Heads, Air Balloons, You Still Have A Big Head

Here in my mind. I am alone with you.
It shouldn't be any surprise as to how much time I spend with you here.
Here, In this basinet of my mind.
You are the woven basket that holds me afloat.
Here there is no stress, no hustle and bustle presented by traffic.
The hesitant line of people, rushing to go nowhere.
The obnoxious blowing of horns. The persistence of waving clinched fists.
Here, there is no steady flow of paper being pushed.
The very thought of being at work is such a drag,
The murmur of voices floating over our heads.
Complaints from an uptight boss that does nothing but nags you all day
When your perfectly capable of doing what's asked of you, before it's said.
Here, there is just you and I.
Alone. Undressing the silk hues of blue that linger in the sky.
Merely daydreaming,
The helium that fills the balloon above the basinet
Re-symbols how much of you I have in my heart.
This ample amount of joy that makes my heart flutter at the very thought of you.
Though this feeling isn't physical. Its urgent that you know
That the presence of your thought transcends.
High above the trees, above the restrictions of high rise apartments and low hung power lines.
Here in this air balloon.
I am free, soaring with the thought of you

by Kewayne Wadley

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