Air Hug

I felt it,
I felt the air between us,
I felt my heart beating,
I felt the coldness of your breath,
I felt every moment you were gone.
Yes, I felt it,
Yes I needed it,
Yes you could have talked to me,
Yes you should have been there,
Yes I know you can't take it back,
But I can still feel it.
I can still feel the moment you left.
I can still feel the silence.
I can still feel my heart dropping.
I can still feel the wind from the door closing.
I've forgotten,
I've forgotten your touch,
I've forgotten your warmth,
I've forgotten your voice,
I've forgotten your encouragement,
Worst of all I forgot you.
So yes I can feel the air between us,
So Yes I feel each and every moment without you,
So yes I still feel the pain of every day you're gone,
So yes I've forgotten you.
I haven't forgotten the pain.
I haven't forgotten how far you are when you're right next to me.
I haven't forgotten the empty shell you've become.
I haven't forgotten the dream you had for me.
I just watched them fade away,
I just watched the moments together fade away,
I just watched what we had fade away,
I watched you fade away.
So next time you ask if I feel your love?
Ask yourself does love feel like air?
Does love feel like doubt?
Does love feel like darkness?
Does love feel like abandonment?
Does love feel like fear?
Well if that's what your love feels like,
I felt it.

by Samantha Morgan

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