(7TH OCTOBER 1951 / Trissur, Kerala State, India.)

Air, Oh! Air! !

You are so gentle
And life giver, without you,
None, even the plants, flowers,
Friuts, and animals can survive,
Yet you can make
The gentle sea so turbulent,
To make tsumanis,
And when you are furious,
Make typhoons, cyclones,
To destroy anything
In your path, to make
The peaceful abodes
Of people into graveyards,
Oh, Air, why you go so mad,
But occassional, what harm
Have the beings do
To make you so infurious,
And violent in your moods.

Ravikiran Arakkal

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well expressed, a lot to ponder upon lot to learn from nature's fury
air is life..........and sometimes death...........tnxs!
I like your development of theme from a gentle wind to turbulance. Your lines about peaceful abodes to graveyards are excellent. The typos in the two lines before your final line are distracting. I think they should read 'have the beings done/To make you so furious, ' Other than that, another great poem.