(19 January 1809 - 7 October 1849 / Boston)

Lost Memories

awaken darling....
you've been dreaming for way too long
about all the wrong feelings...
you know he's not the one, yet
the look on your face suggests pure bliss...
are you sure something isn't missing?
am i to forget about that kiss?
am i to forget about everything we've ever had?
close your eyes for a few seconds longer
and picture how this would of been
with me by your side...

so whats to happen when you realize
iv'e sailed far away from the treasure
i thought was in your chest?
go ahead....just cry, cry out everything inside
because i long to see you broken

i warned you i wouldn't be sticking around much longer...
but once again you were blind to the fact that your
only chance at true love was beginning to fade away

each tear that falls will only bury you deeper...
and if it weren't for all the pain you put me through
i would of never figured out we were never meant to be

so go ahead and cry, cry out all of our memories
we've had because i long to see you fall....

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Beyond the line of blue- The boundary of the star Which turneth at the view Of thy barrier and thy bar- Of the barrier overgone By the comets who were cast From their pride and from their thro Nice poem, thanks.
The style of narrating the story of the poem with minutest details is simply superb. Enjoyed the poem.
I ran across this little tidbit and thought you all might like to take a look at it. There's this literary device that a writer can use when they want their characters to talk to characters or ideas even though they are not physically there. It is called an apostrophe. One of the times Poe uses this in Al Aaraaf is when Nesace, [ Beauty ] calls out to Ligeia..
this so long I got lost in the first third
That liist our love; with the seasons of life. Nice work.
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