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Al Gore

Al Gore a World Champion environmentalist the one who should have been President of the U S of A
But nowadays that is an old story such is life as some are known to say
An Inconvenient Truth his film on climate change has brought an awareness Worldwide
Of human made pollution of the environment it does seem time is not on our side
To insure the future of our own kind global warming is out of control
Rising sea water levels due to Polar ice cap meltdown is already taking it's toll,
In the fore front in the fight against climate change is the brilliant and genial Al Gore
And climate change affects all Lands and all creatures as well as people from the north to the southern shore
The World does need many more like him by good example he does lead
To insure the survival of humankind billions like Al Gore we do need
Us humans could cause our own extinction our environment we pollute
We have to pursue the tough options for us an inconvenient truth
To save our environment is up to ourselves or else extinction may well be our fate
Like Al Gore says we must act right now and make sacrifices
in a few years it may be too late.

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