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Al Grassby

Respect to Australia's migrant people he did show
And he was a good person as politicians do go
From the cares that go with living he has found a release
AL Grassby is gone and may he rest in peace.

Conservative people quite different to one such as he
With his sort of viewpoint they could never agree
They pretend to believe in a fair go for all
And compared to his their World does seem rather small.

AL Grassby is gone but his legacy live
To all of Australia's immigrants respect he did give
His passing it goes without the usual fanfare
Still he was one known for to be just and fair.

As the Minister for Immigration he sure did his best
And he was not found to be wanting when put to the test
The Gods of multiculturalism inspired him 'twould seem
And a fairer Australia was AL Grassby's dream.

He did not judge others for their colour or race
And in the hearts of the just he has a special place
AL Grassby has died in his seventy ninth year
But he is worth remembering and he is worth a tear.

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