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Al Jeezera
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Al Jeezera

Al Jeezera, CNN to the Mid East,
Aren’t reporting what the world sees,
Their people are feasting on pictures of pain,
And feeling sorry for Saddam Hussein,
They don’t hear a people cry out,
A people in anguish and doing without,
They don’t show their hungry eyes,
They don’t hear their pleas and cries,
They reject that the torture is done,
But if it is, it’s from an Iraqi son,
America has attacked Iraq as a whole,
Not freeing a people from Saddam’s hold,
They haven’t shown to their people,
The bombs and guns hid in temples,
Iraqi schools where soldiers stayed,
Fear instilled ~ no children played,
They haven’t shown the Iraqi’s cheer,
As the marines and soldiers neared,
They didn’t show the statue fall,
It was the moment, Iraqi’s called,
They climbed his frame and took a rope,
They noosed his neck and they found hope,
Yes, Americans helped to pull it down,
But, the Iraqi’s pulled his head through town,
They smacked his face with soles of shoes,
And they tore his portraits right into,
This was their moment ~ they shouted with glee,
It was what the world waited to see,
It brought tears to many eyes,
It answered many questions “why? ”
But Al Jeezera didn’t show these stories,
They stripped away the Iraqi’s glory,
Yes, war is a nasty place to be,
But these people deserve to be free,
When neighbors don’t take a stand,
Death and pain go hand in hand,
People have to know in order to care,
Al Jeezera neglected here,
Tainted stories ~ tainted lies,
Blind to seeing ~ deaf to cries,
Selected issues ~ pictures too,
May have helped this evil coo,
Editing the news ~ narrowing the sites,
Al Jeezera added to their plight,
This helped abuse to live and grow,
They pretended they didn’t know,
It’s easier now to understand,
These people in a distant land,
Distant yes, but people still,
Iraqian’s now finding free will,
America, Great Britain, Australia and Spain,
Fought for this country ~ against Saddam Hussein,
Freeing this people ~ freeing this land,
May Al Jeerzera find conscience,
And neighbors understand.

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Write one poem that is short and easy to master, but all of your poems are good.