Alajo's Big Gutter

A mosquito as big as an elephant!
But, where is the dragonfly? ! !
And of the children back from school with sad faces,
For many are now drawn in 'Alajo's big gutter'.

The heavy down pour had drawn away many people,
And there are more stories to hear than ever;
For today we are children and tomorrow we will be adults,
But we have to prepare this big change in the right way to face the future.

The truth and the beauty of this muse,
And in the shadow of trouble and peace;
But 'Alajo's big gutter' had drawn away people after the heavy down pour.

The lion has roared but, who will hear?
And like paying the penalty due to the very poor development of the township;
But with the shades of the light into the darkness,
And the children came back home from school with sad faces.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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