(5 May 1956 - / Sinapali, Nuapara, Orissa / India)

Alakā City In Meghaduta

'You are the soothing shelter
for those who are afflicted by heat
and distressed internally.
Therefore, O Dear Cloud !
please convey my message
to my beloved wife,
as I've been separated from her
by anger of King Kubera.
You have to go to Alakā city,
the dwelling of the lord of yakshas,
where great citadels look fair and bright
with the charming moon-rays
spreading from the crest of God Hara
who resides there in the outer garden.
On the lap of Kailā sa Mountain
appears the city Alakā -purī ,
just like a beloved maiden
on the lap of her lover.
Her beautiful saree
in the form of Gań gā 's stream
has slipped down alluringly.
Her fair lovely face
is the seven-storeyed mansion.
As a maiden possesses braids of hairs
designed with pearl-strings.
Alakā , on her head, bears
the clusters of clouds
that shower drops of water
in thy rainy season.
Seeing all such features,
O Ye wandering freely !
it's not that you'll not recognize the city.'

* *
(Purva-Megha, Verses 7 and 66)
(Translated from Kalidasa’s Sanskrit Kavya “Meghadutam”)
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