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Every Morrow So Wipes Sorrow(Gayatri)

Gayatri (the one who protects the one who sings, Goddess of Past Present and Future)
is considered a priestly Vedic meter and one of the most favored chandas or meters of the mantras
of Indian verse. The Gayatri is associated with the head or intellect and is said to have originated
from the skin of Prajapati. This is a form that seems to have transitioned to from Veda to Sanskrit
during the overlapping period from 700 to 200 B.C. and appears to be synonymous with the Sanskrit sloka.

The defining features of the Gayatri are:
stanzaic, written in any number of tercets
syllabic, lines of 8 syllables each which are most often written in simple iambic cadence.

Every Morrow So Wipes Sorrow

Hides out the sun into the vast
His routine chore every evening
Left off is sunflower aghast

Sorrow enshrouds missing her lord
Her routine chore of feeling sad
Knowing of sun's daily errand

Discerning her heart comes morrow
Towing sun's colours signalling
Sun comes and soon drives her sorrow

But again when evening sets in
Morrow turns into a dark night
As has gone away far the sun

The sunflower is again sad
Thinking of its lover lord sun
Morrows repeat to help so good

E'er a ray of hope is morrow
Entrusted so to bring the sun
Every morrow so wipes sorrow

by Indira Renganathan

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