Alankar(Decor) -237

The Kimo is an Israeli version of the haiku.
The defining feature is that there should be no movement in the imagery.
The elements of the Kimo are:
a tristich, a 3 line poem.
syllabic 10-7-6 syllables per line.
the images should be stationary

1. The Dead Silence

Done corpse is dumb in the burial ground
There prevails a dead silence
The co-dead of the corpse

2. Festival Navaratri

Nine steps and more for the dolls set to stand
Don't talk, don't move but godly
Can we see gods' deeds loud?

by Indira Renganathan

Comments (2)

Your effort to introduce us with different forms of poem is praise worthy.In the above two poems 'Silence'is discussed, One is dead silence like co-dead of corpse.In other there is no-talk, no movement, but silence is godly.
Dead silence is reveled and prevailed in burial ground. In the festival of Navaratri Nine steps and more for the dolls are set to stand. The DECOR is beautifully narrated with meaningful words. An interesting poem is shared is beautiful.10