Alas I Know Not Where To Go - Letters From Amsterdam

Alas I know not where to go
Within this realm of shanty town insanities
Canals of ink weave between the fallen leaves
As footsteps upon the pavement beat out of time
With the miming of addict merchants rustling
Within the bustle of a thriving city life.
Blue skies over Amsterdam delude the mind
Of the love soaked mariner
The waves carved a line of froth that existed
Beyond the skylines fading
We boarded upon our Journey
Unknowing as to what we were to accomplish
No ground has been gained through disillusion
Yet these days I lay less confused
Upon the subject of my mindscape
Voices from the streets below echo
Throughout the stairwells of this hostel
This sanctuary of ours within which we
Pass away the time just as we pass away the hours.
Squalid surroundings ground
The child of un-sound reason
Lost within a realm of reflection.
Sow me Love – A love has grown

by David Lacey

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a compelling read. Great range of descriptions and images, pianting blue moods of loneliness, I have not come across you work before David but I shall endeavour to now. great write. with respect Vincent