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Albert Einstein Dreams
SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

Albert Einstein Dreams

The great scientist Albert Einstein
Born in Germany at the city of Ulm
At banks of river Danube in Bavaria
He dreamed to live in peace and harmony
In his much loved motherland country
His dreams were cut short at that time
There was lot of turmoil taking place
Adolph Hitler seized power in flash
His party espoused super nationalism
Albert Einstein scared fled to Austria
He worked at patent office in Vienna
Scientific inquiries were his passion
He thought to combine laws of nature
He developed the theory of relativity
A master great achievement of physics
He tied mass, energy and speed of light
in amazing simple mathematical relation
The consequence of discovery is awesome
It is window humanity for great benefit
with abundant of energy by nuclear means
The frightening part of the discovery
can follow with nuclear and atomic bombs
the destruction and annihilation of all
This is great story of twentieth century
the scientific giant Albert Einstein
the man who lived and died in America

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It can bring humanity to salvation or nuclear war anaihilation..... great scientist breathed for peace and harmony but war witnessed nuclear holocaust....... still peaceful use prefereed... very good write...
Excellent sharing 10+++