Another shot of whisky
Goes flowing down the drain
They say it's going to kill me,
Yet it seems to ease the pain.

Another bottle of burbon
Lays empty on the floor,
I should have stopped an hour ago
But I just had to have more.

Another glass of vodka
Finds its way into my heart
I wish I could give it all up now
I wish I didn't start.

They say it won't be long now
Till I'm knockin' on heaven's door
But it's the last thing im thinking about
Laying sprawled out on the floor.

And as I slowly sober up, I begin to ponder
About life, and its meaning, yet my mind it starts to wander
To a far away land, where no one cares, and everyone is full of glee
So I head on over the cabinet and crack open an old Jack D

Given half an hour, or possibly even less
The bottle is half empty, and I'm feeling at my best
It's inevitable really, I just won't ever stop
Drinking 'til my head is spinning, drinking 'til I drop.

Drinking 'til the sun don't shine, drinking 'til I can no longer walk
Drinking 'til it's hard to see and its a challenge just to talk.
Drinking 'til I'm on the floor and there's pounding in my head
Drinking just to stay alive, yet drinking 'til I'm dead.

by Dylan Sharkey

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It seems to ease the pain, that's really true. I like this poem a lot, it's vivid and alive!