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You are the beauty flower of a garden,
you are the blue Moon in the sky,
you are the blossom of my mind
and you are the dream that I wonder....
You are the wine in the spring,
you are the ocean in the desert,
you are the shade in the summer
and you are the mirage that I wonder...
You are the words of a poet,
you are the imagination of a painter,
you are the miracle of an art
and you are the peace that I wonder...
You are the smile on the face,
You are the silence of the leaps,
You are the deep breathe of me
And you are the one that I wonder...
You are the fresh air of new morning,
You are the love of the life,
You are the me of the mine,
And you are everything that I wonder....

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Nice one veru complicated too
I agree that the title helps......but, I really like the intensity in this poem. Anyone that has dealt with (or been) somebody with a struggle with alcohol will surely relate to this one. Very good poem. Sincerely, Mary
uuummmm yeah if it werent for the title i would have absolutely no clue what this is about