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Poem By Melissa Buss

You have made my life a living hell
You made my friends stay in a cell

You have made so many people feel good
All of the ones who didn't puke, have should

You almost took my life, not once but twice
You almost made me pay the price

You are a posion and a drug
My mom'b bouyfriend used to sneek you around in a mug

You are the one who made me forget
That my best friend was sick
That I was skinny as a pick
That my life wasn't a trick

My whole weekend revolved around you
until my face turned blue
I knew i should have quit
But you made me have fun and it didn't stop me a bit

You killed my uncle, now your going to pay
For all the things you've done Day by Day

So, the next time I see you
you better pray
Because your going to be dumped into the sink
To take the time to think
How many lives you have eraced the ink

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Comments (2)

Melissa buss I like this. bravo! ! ! !
Very good poem and good attitude towards alchohol.