HB (2/24/1932 / Houghton Lake, Michigan)


I wonder where you are today,
and just when you'll be home
in my mind the thoughts do play,
when I am left here all alone,

are you out there drinking,
while I sit here at home,
this alcoholic thinking,
will drive you from our home,

there was a time I didnt care,
cause I was drinking too,
I'd be home when I got there,
then I'd argue with you,

till one day you told me,
to leave the booze alone,
and if I didn't listen,
then you would soon be gone,

I really listened to you,
and all the words you said,
I'm very glad that we're not thru,
cause I would soon be dead,

are you out spending money,
that you shouldn't be,
you know I miss you honey,
when you're not here with me,

I think I hear you coming,
yes coming up the drive,
my heart just started humming,
cause you are home alive.

written by harry bryant onJanuary 17,2000 ©

by Harry Bryant

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Harry u r a good poet.well done man! ! ! !
An interesting story. If you get time read 'Breakfast'.