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when's daddy coming home?
why's he taking so long?
four kids and a wife all alone
hearts turning into cold stone

where in the world can he be?
does he even care about his family?

he's off somewhere drinking beer
that's the reason he's not here
when he's home we live in fear
and pray that we can disappear

don't say a word you may get smacked
physically & verbally attacked
not sure exactly how to react
there are things you just can't take back

never knew if we'd have food to eat
never had new shoes on our feet

never could have friends to spend the night
cause we never knew if there'd be a fight

kept all our feelings deep inside
never let anyone know how much we cried
long ago our childhood died
a lifetime of love has been denied

that's the life we once had known
living in an alcoholics home

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Hie country girl; I like your poem
This is sad. I love it, but it makes me sad. I do drink kinda alot, but work and family always come first. I promise, I will NEVER be that way. Thank you for sharing this.
Very good poem, Country girl. Every one should read it. Whenever I go back to Europe, I am amazed at the important place alcoholic drinks occupy in the life of so many people. Under the name (false name) of social drinking, so many youths get desperately addicted to it. Each time people get drunk it cost them a few hundred thousands of brain cells. I hope that one day alocholic drinks will bear just as cigarettes the pictures of all the harm they can do on their packages (bottles) . But for now big money is controlling us and big money is made by selling drinks. The stupidity of the advertisements is so obvious but crowds of people follow the messages by behaving exactly as the powerful corporate world wants them to. I really think, Girl, that everyone can make a small difference by refusing to spend ANY money on alcoholic drinks. It is about time that the craziness stops. What a wonderful thought provoking, feeling provoking poem this is. Fantastic write
powerful commentary country girl....I hope you'll get a chance to read a few of mine, , , Amber Rage...If Daddy Only Knew...but then I want you to read 'Daughter' and 'Veracity' thanks for any critique on these...as I'm about to publish and I need to know any favorites from other poets.....barry
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