Guide me if you can on this path of love,
Lead me if you will on this way of love,
And like an inconspicuous act to the nomentity of the woods!
But i am like the secret garden in the forest waiting for you.

I am okay with a bottle of wine and to love you,
Because you are a worker of my vineyard of love;
And in the brightness of the day i will look for you.

Acknowledgements and of the illustrations of my mind,
But in the jungle of love with no directions to look for you;
And to enjoy the tranquillity of life out there with you alone,
For the path of this love will surely lead you to my heart.

Expeditions, privacy and acts!
Let the mountains of love meet you my love;
For you are Alderdice with the figure of speech on this love,
But lead me if you will on this way of love.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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