Aldous Huxley Writes:

Aldous Huxley writes:
„That it is possible for human beings to love, know and…. to become actually identified with the Ground. That to achieve the unitive knowledge, to realize this supreme identity is the final end and purpose of human existence. That there is a law of Dharma, which must be obeyed, a Tao or Way, which must be followed, if men are to achieve their final end. That there is of I, me, mine, the less there is of the Ground; and that consequently the Tao is a Way of humility and compassion, the Dharma a Law of modification and self-transcending awareness" (Time must have a stop. New York; Harper & Brothers,1944, PP.293-94) .

This self-emptying is no doubt one of
the common denominators of mysticism.

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