FK (28 August / St. Thomas University Hospital)

Aleksander Blok


Arise, and walk along these streets,
breathe and partake of the dregs
of the mighty industrial age;
paint the colours of its appeal -

toxic fumes that light the path
to days only just imagined.

Parted lips bare wisdom,
shatter the silence that shackles;
within parched throat, sealed
sounds peal from the belfry -

tender whispers caress
each unknown orphaned heart.

Lift high the banner brave;
let the bitter winds bite
lash fierce its tattered frame,
light gapes through its holes-

release the soul's query:
How can one forgive what is forgotten?

Illumine the dim horizon;
extricate each sole from bog and mire.
Grab the morning call,
Borrow its voice if you must -

Stir up the spirit from slumber;
the darkness of night will not prevail.


(16 November 1880 - 7 August 1921) one of the most gifted Russian lyrical poets.

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