Alex Birthday-May 06

Poem By Fee Chen

In this morning
See the sunrise today
So bright
There was a boy with big smile
With small step jumped up and down
Bring the gift with nice pack
Singing encircle room
Really busy, showing to his friends
“This is the gift from heaven
Because I found it under my pillows”
He singing following the bird flying
Touching growing flowers

In this morning
The boy still smiling
Can not wait he never stopped talking
When the sun going to set
When the clouds going to dark
Because I’m going to up
No need walking this evening
Because I’m going to fly
So fast, and more faster
I can not wait
Until came to my party garden…

In this evening
The boy really flying
Smile bigger than moon
Everybody hit by the stream look at him
The boys said: “it’s my Birthdays”
So much clapping, and shake hands
Full flood of laughing
This is my birthday… let’s dancing together
Party always start
Happy Birthday my sweet angels, may your day comes bright
As star at sky tonight
The boys still smiles…full with happiness
Hopefully journey of your life is blessed
My best Prayer for you

Comments about Alex Birthday-May 06

I love this poems, great from you're heart to your love
great poem, hehe.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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