TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Alexa))) -Aka-(((Billy)))

It's two steps forward for you
And three steps back
You, residing in insulation and cob webs
Waiting...waiting...waiting to attack

A reason for treason?
A mercenary for hire?
A Tommy wind mill helper?
It is toward the green-back you aspire

No feelings of remorse to cease you
Cold with absence of affect
Stoic as a monolith standing solo?
Your footsteps, i failed to detect.

But oh the smoke...yes the smoke (cough)
You given away by vents nearly closed
Slats and boards and boxes stored with records
Where diviant monsters grow extra toes

Hired by way-way-way down
Here to try and get out of the Cheers garage
Arduous yes, and even harder now-made keen
Your temper, i'll not attempt to assage

Throwing shoes over power lines will not shake the hanger
We are now televised twenty-four seven
Making videos of reality living and Bad Boys
Has simply put me into remedies, in Gods blessed heaven

March 5,2009

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