Wings To Dare

Nature only allows
Rules to follow
If you do it
You are through

The danger path is ahead
But we are determined to lead
As timely signals are read
And serve as natural feed

Why do we not become optimistic?
And remain static
Over outcome
And not welcome

Let anything happen?
It shall not be all of sudden
It will give some time to prepare
Just brace up and think over

Birds have nothing in store
Only strong wings to dare
That gives enough of confidence
To face with mind’s presence

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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wow I read me a marathon,29 stanzas before he left,38 until his return I think; he proved true to his love and retunrned two years later, keeping his word if he did not return he would not be untrue but death, two long years later her waiting done she rushes to their promised reunion spot, waits and waits throughout the day at the appointed hour of their meeting, till crying fears him to have their love forgotten or to be dead in some distant land, she waits until dusk then until stars appear but still he has not come, but from dawn he has journeyed to their meeting place with flushed cheek and sweet upon his brow; when close he pauses listens in hears nothing but the sounds of a spring, the trees veil their meeting spot and in anxiety he listens for a sound of her presence, but vainly - all is calm and still; Are his bright day dreams o'er? . He wonders if he has hoped and dreamed in vain, if they will meet no more, but finally One moment more of sad suspense And those dark trees are past; The lonely well bursts on his sight And they are met at last! fittingly a skilful long poem of long separation, how can such a work be less than a 10+++
And there she stands and gazes round With bright and searching eye, Then sadly sighing turns away And looks upon the sky. Nice poem.....
'Zenobia, I never saw A lovelier eve than this; I never felt my spirit raised With more unbroken bliss!
Fair was the evening and brightly the sun Was shining on desert and grove, Sweet were the breezes and balmy the flowers And cloudless the heavens above. It was Arabia's distant land And peaceful was the hour; Two youthful figures lay reclined Deep in a shady bower. excellent starting the journey through romantic environs
Long poem, thanks for sharing...
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