(1873 - 1958 / Kent / England)

True Love

Some say its found in fairy tales
Or clings to stars above.
A mystery, is how it comes
To be; what's called, True Love.

The flowered bed it makes for you,
Yields only peaceful dreams.
And all contentments men desire;
Surround True Love, it seems.

You can't pursue its treasured gifts,
They're always out of sight.
But all True Love, when ere it's formed;
Is cherished, just, and right.

I wouldn't doubt it spies on us
From some secluded place.
So it can pick a ripened heart
To hold in its embrace.

So be prepared, when it finds you,
To welcome its display.
No rationale will ere explain,
Should you turn it away.

Somewhere within someone you know,
Where it's been from the start.
You'll find it waiting there to cross
The bridge to your own heart.

And when you read the manifest,
The list, of all it brings.
You'll find it filled with Heaven's joys;
And all, life's treasured things.

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