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You're important unless you show up and never hide any longer to

devise and plot,
So that it can be fair and I will be convinced even if I fail;

You're important unless you come beating me or defy me face to face,
So that if I fear and dare not defy you then I would be convinced even

if I fail;

You're important unless you stand aside with me, let the people

judging as they viewing fairly,
So that I would not be the underdog forever, and you would receive

some words unplesant as well finally;

You're important unless you don't act so mean, under the cover of

polite and kind and justice to do the meanest destruction,
So that you would win the fame no matter enemies or friends all


by Babette Teeth

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Well-written piece+++++++++++++
Embroidered! ! Thanks for sharing.
Caesarion was full of grace and beauty (son of Cleopatra, blood of the Lagidae): and the Alexandrians rushed to the ceremony, and got enthusiastic, and cheered in greek, and egyptian, and some in hebrew, enchanted by the beautiful spectacle - although they full well knew what all these were worth, what hollow words these kingships were... lovely lines. Congratulation to his soul.
sounds like China today