Deirdre`s Dream

Sinking in the soporific splendour
Of the National Trust tea-room
Billowing and drifting
On the blue-rinse tides
Toward the clinking harbor sounds
Of silver spoons on china cups
In a delirium of aromatic tinctures
Of warm soft scones
Vivaldi`s strains
Murmurs gurgles and muted gasps
Eddying along the marble floors
Wafting past the decommissioned stucco fireplace
Mantle adorned with a frieze
Composed starched frozen
An Edwardian garden party
On a long forgotten waning afternoon
Deirdre`s heavy eyes trembled on the threshold
At the door between
This well-worn tired tapestry
And another grander room
Anchored down on the velour chair
Clasping its lacquered arms
Her spirit softly floating
Upon buttery wings
Of fluttering fleur de lye
Up towards the skylight
Mounting the coffered ceiling.

Then out she burst
Punching through the glassy minuet
Her fiery comet
Streaking across the croquet lawn,
Tunnelling through the floribunda
Cleaving the carp pond
With a steaming contrail
Dislodging and de-plinthing
Fountain dwelling nymphs and satyrs.
Vaulting o'er retaining walls,
Hurtling over parkland
Over knotted oaks and sinuous streams
And tiny toffee coloured blobs of cattle
Into the ether
Beyond the hum drum
Brushing aside
The bric-a-brac
The kitty litter and doggie memorabilia
Bolting passed the ramblers club
The church roof fundraisers
The re-unionizers
The coffee morning mourners
Jumbles jamborees gymkhanas
Car boots and cluttered fetes
Out upon the wide ocean
Of unchained fancy.
Mind-melded manufactory
The spinning wheels
The flying cogs of fantasy

What are dreams?
The last patrols
Of defeated armies
Last offensives
Last revelries
Of bright hopeful lost campaigns
Mired in the frozen Caucasian flats
Dashed upon the barbarous Barbary Coast
Our front temporal lobes
Loading firing releasing
A last febrile fizz
Of rained-off firework displays
Feverish speaking
Discordant jazz
Bits and pieces
Recovered bites
Of that never spoken
Or just optic nerve illusion
The mind`s daguerreotype
Leap frogging boys
The spinning ballerina
Endlessly repeating memes

Of what does Deirdre dream?
Some fabled romance
Languorous brooding intense
And she the great heroine
Unchained unbridled
At last on-stage
Her stage
At a candle-lit dinner swooning
In the movie sultan`s tent
To a sirocco siren`s lyrical musical spooning
Night jars nightingales
Spun jasmine
Ludicrously long necked waiters
Giraffes in tuxedos
Champagne pools and roulette spools
Diamond tiaras candelabras
Satin silk and ermine
Or on some catapulting clipper ship
On deck
On the South China Seas.
Hatted chic and clipped
Elbow out at hip
Looking up at Arthur
Pipe wheel and sextant
White cotton shirt
Sleeves rolled over burnished copper arms
Beard black as charred stubble
Eyes blue flashes
Sapphires stolen from the seas
With a smile of granite
The look or Ramses
Fixed upon the solar disc.

Dreams are just the last deposits
Layers settling onto sediments
Every layer layered upon
Like every song
Hovers over the ghost
Of an older one
Just detergent bubble film
Kaleidoscopic churning
Chimeric conjured
Exploding lost

Dreams are continents
Too ugly to explore
Gated gargoyles
Waiting to walk
Mimicry of madness
Mockery of life
Monsters of the Id
Stalking the Schopenhaueran shore
The world my representation
Two hounds
Baying on the dissolving sands
Malice and Ego
The sublimated will to life
Dream workings
The pleasure principle
Ergo God is Evil
In the shifting shadows dancing
Unscripted but explained.

But no
As the cranberry jam
And Darjeeling propellant
Punctured through
Her atmosphere
Deidre's Eagle landed
Beside her cozy childhood cottage
Off Bramble Wood Lane
Overlooking rabbits cropping close
The sloping lawn
Which rolls down to a lazy burnished brook
Hardly intra-stellar travel
By any means at all

As she creaked her way
Through the off-latch door
Onto the warm
Coffee and marmalade
Mahogany floor
Pressed the stair rail
Sank her lemon toes
Into the wooly stair carpet
Her mind fixed upon
Something up there
Wending her way
Spiraling like a steely debutant
Something gripped her fancy
Something simple
Something small
She had to see
That had alighted lately
Attached upon her waking thoughts
And now burrowed through their skin
So she shuffled lightly
Up toward the landing

"Never be afraid
To despoil the paper
To waste white spaces
With shocking cursive displays
Of your emotional entrails
Your inner most trusted places"

That`s what she said
On that day
That fine glowing morning
Sitting in the headmistresses study
At Godolphin
I was firmly led
Towards a glamorous noble end
On that spring day
At spring break
Looking beyond the window
At the daffodils
In supplication
I was driven on
In a gilded racing chariot
In quest of romance
To throw myself
Before the wheels
Of love
To charge into the breaking spume
To alight on a ship
Cruising into the blue tides of bliss

The sub-texts followed swiftly
Sumptuous regattas
The Navy Day balls
Exotic harbours
Shore leave
Holidays in snug Dorset cottages
Then miscarriage
Missed promotion
Slipping away at nightfall
With the shadows grotesquely lengthening
The Fighting Tamburlaines
Pecked at by time
Violence in spasms

Everything starts out
As an innocent adventure
But sure enough
Becomes just another corner
Of truth everlasting
Another chapter
We just wanted a carefree stroll
Along the shores of life
Not a plunge into its deep
Rocky pools

Deirdre came
From an unknown land
Product of a scandalous liaison
A love never spoken
Deposited at the doors
Laid on the steps
Of the municipalities charitable foundations
A mis-production
Devotion delivered
Votively offered up
On the alter of Chance
From some exotic land
India`s enchanting golden palm
Or Kenya?
Not as white as snow
Yet pale as alabaster
And gleaming glimmering eyes
Dark portals to the soul

Through the last door
Into the bedroom
The last tranquil harbour
Before the dawn
Beside the ocean of daylight
A warm port
Of disembarking
The last stop
In a big country
A big imagination
The dog was barking
The spectral springer
Shifting spinning
Sitting standing
Then repeating
As dogs do
With that intensity
Only dogs do
Walking to the window sill
Looking down at something
She had to see
Not a hovering phantom
A hairy beast
Flown in from history
But something close
Present and near
A mother
Simple brown sparrow
Exhausted panting
Intensely intensively
Feeding her young
That were now full grown
Feathered awkward
Falling out of the nest
Ready for flight
She had to see
They had been there
From early spring
To early summer
She had taken care
To leave certain tit bits
For mum to find
Now they were ready
While below
Staring absorbed
Entranced hypnotised
Head cocked
The pre-flight manoeuvre
Gummy beaked
Puffy ridiculous
Bouncing pompoms on lilting legs
Feathered toffee apples
They all three
Teetered on the edge
Of their crumbling
Dilapidated nest
And launched in ungainly unison
Like badly made paper airplanes
Into the wide yonder
Nearly hitting the drink
Suddenly finding
Perilous form
Maiden flyers
The next generation
She had to see

by Matthew Martin

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Yes- they understood but in no threat The Alexandrians of course understood that those were theatrical words.
THREE and THE LAST: Such a mightiest name. Congratulations for being chosen as the Modern Poem Of The Day, also to his closest family. A myriad of 10`s for the vote.My genius bro would love his poems a very lot, since my bro loves to read about historical facts.
TWO: and his aesthetic perfectionism. These attributes, amongst others, have assured him an enduring place in the literary pantheon of the Western World. Alexandrian Kings, an excellent poem about the ancient historical kings, a.o.the children of Cleopatra, Caesarion, her eldest son, they named him the King of Kings, WOW!
ONE: Since his death, Cavafy's reputation has grown. He is now considered one of the finest European and modern Greek poets. His poetry is taught at schools in mainland Greece and Cyprus, and across universities around the world. He is known for his prosaic use of metaphors, his brilliant use of historical imagery, See TWO please.
'what hollow words these kingships were' This applies to the modern day politicians as well
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