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A Song-Bird
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A Song-Bird

Poem By Sayeed Abubakar

I peek through the keyhole of your class door.
Wishing to gain your attention and no one else's.

I wait for you by the bench outside the court.
Waiting yet again for a sober rich talk.
Waiting for your eyes to open and let out that smile.

That smile, contagious
That face, delirious
Those eyes, Sweet

Then at times I ponder taking the school bus back home
Lay down on the bed with my cell phone by my side
Wondering if should call her or not

Once I lift up the device to my ear
I love hearing that simple voice chord
We could be talking on the phone for hours not saying a word.

As Simple as it sounds
Its hard to not think of her at the most difficult and at the most beautiful moments.
Knowing if she was there she would lend her shoulder for my tears and sighs.

No one knows how simple a friendship can be

When you have her as your own consciousness.

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omg i sent this to a few of my friends... my real name is alexis.... they were wondering if someone wrote it about me. lol i guess it suits me. great poem.