Alf A To Z Bet

I got 'A's' on my ace
'B's' made of brass
'C's' on my case
'D's' on my dash
'E' with no effort
Fat 'F' fades away
'G' if you got it
'H' hides in the hay
'I' will sometimes be idle
'J' tries hard to be junk
'K' likes to go klunk
'L' I'm sure you will love
'M' is found in men and mice
Noble 'N' is neat and nice
'O' say can you see
A big fat happy 'P'
'Q's' are quaint doing well
How many 'R's' in railroad can you spell
Sit on your 'S' or 'S' on your sit
'T' for tat or 'T' for tit
'U' is under never over
'V' is over never under
'W' wonders where and witch
You find an 'X' in a fix
'Y' is not the final letter
'Z' now 'Z' there, that's much better

by Bobby Marbles Mobley

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