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Alias Arthur

You say your name is Arthur,
is that really true.
I have heard lots of stories
so can this really be you.
To be a good alias
you have to have a good name
because people will dig deep,
until they find that you,
fit the so called frame.
An alias is a person,
who does well in disguise.
A person who also,
tells many lies.
A secret person,
with tricks up there sleeve
one that can mimic
and know how to thieve.
To the right person,
it's just playing silly games
one that owns a pandora's box
full of disguise's and names.
So if you are all
these my friend.
Then Arthur your an alias
right to the very end.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (5)

I was intrigued by the title, Sylvie, as I used to know an Arthur and he was hiding a secret life. Must write a poem about have inspired me now, ha ha. But I wonder who YOUR Arthur is? ? Love, Fran xxx
An interesting write shrouded with mystery for the reader, Well done, you have the poets gift of holding our attention, Love Duncan
I agree with Scarborough Gypsy - who is he? Lovely read. Hugs Anna xxx
Intriguing stuff indeed. Makes me want to know who Arthur is. Love Gyp's
Hi, Sylvia: Don't we all at one time or another wish we had an alias, could be someone else, or just disappear altogether? ? However, not all of could hide so successfully. Scarlett