TD (August 31 / Province In Canada)

Alibi 2 (Your Guilt)

Now I can finally see.
The reason why you hide behind your insecurity.
I believed you when you said I was all you needed.
Lil did I know I was being lied to and mistreated.
I bet you thought you were ever so clever.
As to feeding me lines like ' baby, you and I will always be together.'
I should have known better that forever would never last.
Eventually, you'd be someone left behind in my past.
Never do I question any of your motives or ask for an alibi.
Now I understand why you do cuz you're guilty, I walked in on you fucking another guy.
Before I was blinded by love but now I can see.
You aren't the same special person that I once thought was meant for me.
Don't you worry I won't dwell upon the past, i'll move on.
But thank God, good riddance you're finally gone!

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I really liked this poem. :) Isn't it interesting that when people question us constantly and have no trust it's because they are guiltily hiding from us when they accuse us of?