(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)


Get drunk and get high!
All in the name of poverty;
And the Black Continent needs help from you.
From Cape Town to Cairo,
From our waysof doing things and to learn from others;
But, true l.ove is not for sale at any givden time.

Living in the land of wine and with red wine at hand,
But where is Alice from 'Cape Of Good Hope'?
District 6, of things done to be remembered again;
And like Robin Island in South Africa.

Come and let us enjoy this 'Rasta Party'!
For the tree of love has shaken its fruits;
And, who is ready to eat them?

Alice! Where are you?
For this people are from a different race;
And i am living among them to share a view.
Many things around are very strange,
But my mind will lead me always to the truth;
And, i am only studying how to eat and work with them.

In the name of poverty i have to pray,
And in the name of love i have to care;
For my hope around this place is like,
Alice's wonderland of love where the muse muses!

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