Web Of Lies

Tiptoeing softly along in my dream
I am following the echo of a silent scream
Through the haze I see her quietly sitting
In her lap sits the web she has been knitting
I approach her slowly, as she is unaware
Of my presence; of me standing there
Gently I place my hand on her shoulder
In an instant the air around us grows colder
She turns to look at me and our eyes meet
She gestures for me to take a seat
Without a word I comply and sit
She picks up her web and continues to knit
Her hands are swift and move flawlessly
When she finishes she hands the web to me
Confused I ask “What is this? ”
Staring at me blankly; she replies “A gift”
For a moment I study her; the emptiness in her eyes
When she speaks again she says “It is a web of lies”
“No thank you” I reply “For this I have no use”
“But I crafted it from years of tears and abuse”
“I understand” I say, “But I’ve my own safety net,
One I’m crafting from love each time my eyes wet”
When I hand her back her web of lies
She wraps herself in it, then withers and dies
In her place there is dust a single white dove
In the morning I woke; safely next to my love

copyright 2008 Cheryl A. Caron

by Cheryl A. Caron

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