Poem By Kevin Fisher

Oh my love how I love thee
Hand on thy cheek and our lips are touching
Slideing my hand to thy bosoms
Hurry to me anon
I need thee in my life forever
Methinks our love shall last for all eternity
Thou hast changed me greatly and it was for the better
There i'st knowone else I'd rather spend my days with
Our time together though its been short has been perfect in everyway
Now I'm waiting for our wedding day
Thou i'st my love now and forever
Alicia, oh dearest alicia, thou i'st my life, and my soon to be wife
Lets use our love to end the worlds strife
Love thee my beautiful blood goddess.

Comments about Alicia

A beautiful poem that has oh so much expression in it.
Alicia? ? ? ! Is this the Alicia I think it is? ? !
awesoem poem. very much so. she n you......... i can see it.
I like it so much. It's so pretty. I like the old english style. it puts more emphasize on what your trying to say. :)

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