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Alicia, My Little One!
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Alicia, My Little One!

Alicia, my little one
So happy to see you having fun
Life will give you what you want
It's like treasure Island, you got to hunt
Make time, chase butterflies and collect memory
In life these are priceless, part of eternity
Now is the time for you to get ready
Don't go too fast, be slow but steady
Be ready for the Rainbow and Dream
Have Faith, you must believe in HIM
Respect your elders, Ma is the top of the list
She carried you inside, protected you from the worldly beast
Now is your turn to return the love
Do you know that LOVE comes from above?
Use time to be some one, then all will flock around you
Believe me, I know what you are going through
So Alicia, my little one
Fire up and go, lot to be done

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