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Alien Love

Alien Love
Sent from above
Inherent Perfection.

What could be better?
In this brutal hot weather,
Other than, an encounter with:
Inter-dimensional love.

Strange phenomena
May come and go.
Like fast moving lights
In the night, I’ve known.

Like seeds I’ve sown:
So, so far from home
Have grown;
Alien Love.

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Comments (6)

Alien love is made perfect in nature.
Hey Chris, send her over to my dimension when you're done... I could sure use some of that... :)
Absolutely beautiful! Love every line. Congrats!
A new situation alien love is in life by any means and is something very thought provoking sure!
Wonderfully written. The choice of words tickle my mind, stir emotions in my heart. Thank you for sharing.
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