Alien Under The Christmas Tree

The Little girl eyed the presents
Like a porcelain vintage doll
Covered in lace and velvet
Leaving everyone in Awe

Hoping to see a peek
Of a gift hid in paper
Under the green leaves
Of a tree of mass taper

Some tiny movement took her aback
For a much closer inspection

Under the biggest covered box
A blue eye blinked in her direction
Her little eyes turned to saucers
At the face that peered at her

It made another movement
That made her eyes a blur
Should she scream for mama
Or take another look

She had not seen the likes
In any of her books!

But somewhere in her mind
She knew he was of no harm

Something inside of her
Knew he was a charm

She scampered to the candy dish
To find them both a treat

She thought that if she fed him
Her he would not eat!

She filled her little velvet purse
Full as it could be
then looked for a place
To hide beneath the tree

She found a little opening
Way back in the back
Between a little box
and a great big sack

In hope that he would find her
She snuggled in for a little rest

Soft purrs of munching candy
Coming from within her chest

Soon she seen him moving
Around the great big sack

She put her hand up to her mouth
To keep a scream intact!

He blinked his big blue eyes
Taking her all in

Wondering if there was a fight
If he'd have a chance to win!

But instead he seen a smile
Tugging at her lips

The little peace offering
Planted on her finger tips

He was so hungry
Had not eaten in days

He reached out to her hand
Not knowing of her ways

He brought the red jelly
To his nose to have a sniff

It smelled strange to him
He took another whiff

Before he knew what happened
He plopped it between his lips

To his delight he liked it
He licked his finger tips

He looked to the small doll
Underneath a decked out tree

Knowing there set the greatest gift
That there could ever be....
© cathy Hodgson

by Cathy Hodgson

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