That arousing emotion of alienation
When u miss how close you used to be
Remembering the “forever” texts u believe
Recalling the memories with feeling of grieve
Trying to deny it yet it has been a long duration
How come when they were each other’s happiness key

Separated slowly through life for no reason
But it is probably always from one side
The other always seemed to ask and kept in touch
But frequently it was always him and he felt sad much
Then he realized it all in one of the years’ season
That he always cared too much and was broken inside

And so he believed the very well-known quote
That those who want to be a part of your life
Will make an obvious effort to do so,
Although it was frustrating that he never know
he thought & thought writing down this in a note
at the end satisfied he tried and there was no strife

by Raghda Ashraf Soliman

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