the mail – train speeds away
in night’s slumber
to the north to the south
the running whistle
surges up the nocturnal wind

overwhelmed by the drones of crickets
the flashes of the fireflies
and the winter mist
I could never know
when thrown out
I lay facedown on the sidetrack

did anyone wave the departing signal - Rajkumar- Calcutta

by Rajkumar Mukherjee

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liked it it seems you used fast speed and quick dismissal to portray something like alienation, which is quite smart
It is a typical emotion from indian ideological point of view.The train here could portray the flow of life on the beaten track and at the end we have to abandon everything being alien to the world again.We don't belong to the world though the belongingness remain as an inertia.In Indian culture we keep the footprints of people who passes away as a memorabilia of the paths it trodded and as everlasting blessings for people he leaves surviving his memories.But nothing is everlasting in this big and bad world.Those are also lost in some other night's slumber.In this context it is a well piece written. I will survive with all your blessings and memories and i wish you, me and all around us a Bon voyage as our timelines defined on the beaten tracks of life.
I do understand and its good for me comment. I expected more from you grandpa.
what a wonderful expression to that state of alienation we all r subjected to!