Aliens Came Looking

Aliens came looking when the A-bomb alerted.
Humans with nuclear fission had flirted.
They listened to our radio and watched our TV.
They turned to their buddy and said, 'Golly gee!

These primitive animals have no self-control,
And no future because money is their goal.
Those running for election are all very rich.
None will improve them; it doesn't matter which.

They sue their neighbor when they slip and fall,
And act like it's not their own fault at all.
They burn up their forests and get out the plows,
So they can plant grass to feed their cows!

Their cows give off methane; their cars emit CO2.
Their power plants, airplanes and ships do it too.
They're poisoning their atmosphere and ocean too.
While prophesies of climate change are coming true.

Their scientist are stumped at who is to blame.
Don't they know they are all doing the same?
They all think that the others are the bad ones,
So they bomb them and shoot them with their guns.

With all these nukes there's no use coming back,
The Earth will be poisoned and will be turned black.'
Aliens came looking for intelligent life,
But all they found was greed, warfare and strife.

by Spock the Vegan

Comments (7)

Wow. I thought at first it was going to be humorous, but it became gloom and doom. Did you ever see the movie The Postman starring Kevin Kostner about life in America after a nuclear war? Very interesting!
I think you underestimate the tenacity of life Whatever time it takes, a life form will exist until it can once more live on the surface. Whatever it takes. Make Oxygen Grow food in light artificial. all a matter of procedure. Life will prevail. An ark under the surface as well? Eventually life on earth phase two. If that doesn't work out back down for another phase. courage.
My Turn At Being The Prophet (thought I'd take a shot at a sonnet) Let us build a hole unto the ground And with survival kit the place surround Let making oxygen be primal move If survival wouldst your temper prove Two or three hundred years perhaps We'll wait beneath withal with ample naps Then take a peek and see if stink prevails And if such be the case what good your rails. 'twas better you had taken steps before Not sit there ineffectively and roar.
Is someone building that vast cavern to survive until the earth re-generates itself after total destruction? Might be an idea to register for a place right away. I'm too old but the young ones might think it a good idea. Man is not going to change. I shall inform my grand children.
humorous but also profound when aliens come, I'll be embarrassed to be around thanks Spock
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