(September 25, 1930 – May 10, 1999 / Chicago/ Illinois)

Mother Nature

Oh my dear mother nature
I'm amused by the beauty of your children
I so much enjoy being there in your lap
And surprised at all my fellow creatures
Your beauty can find no perfect caption
You're there everywhere - from a tree to a tap

Your birds are everywhere on flight
The pigeon at my window and crow by side
The parakeet with a fiery red beak and body so green
And the hawk and falcon flying in the sun so bright
The mynah's song, oh it can break the best singer's pride
The Swan white like cotton they make me feel serene.

So rich you are mother also in flora
Having all flowers like rose and lotus
Their sweet aroma makes me calm
Makes me rest in your lap till the end of time
It's your tranquility and calmness that I love you thus
To take every aromatic flower of yours in my palm

The forests you have so green and lush
The fauna they have so good it is
The lion roaring with its might, tiger catching prey at a sight
The smell of wet leaves and every bulky bush
Is so sweet and fresh, 'tis like a wiz
You are the way to me mother, you are the light

In the night you're filled with tiny bright stars
Who seem to be gazing me merrily
Luna is also there with me, illuminating the dark
At night I sit in the garden to smell the flowers
They see to have slept in your lap cozily
In the night I enjoy you laying in the park

I then sleep mother in your good lap
My face being pressed against the lush grass
With cool breeze blowing and making me cool
I cherish your greatness which can't be drawn on a map
Laying in your lap I forget all my tensions and class
You're the biggest and the best soothing tool.

In the sky too you're there mother
In the clouds too you're there
During thunderstorms and rainfall you're playing with me
And making me meet with all my fellow brothers
Whenever I think of you mother I think of you glare
For everything you've given me mother I thank thee.

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Beautiful poem with nice penmanship. It has been justified for P.O.D.
Ragged alright and not that suitable for the harmonica
ragged, a word he uses in these lyrics, is how this poem strikes me. silverstein wrote many humorous poems, but these lyrics aren't a bit funny to me. for lyrics that stand as poems, look to paul simon, joni mitchell, bruce cockburn, or hymn writers like isaac watts or charles wesley. -gk
Nice write...so nice to read
Such a fine poem by Shel Silverstein👍👍👍
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