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Alisha's Prayier
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Alisha's Prayier

My hand to god I do give.
In his arms I do trust.
He have me a life so beautiful that even after,
Life still means so much.
I tell all to those I love, it's ok I've found peace.
I say to all my friends and family,
I'm never far or out of reach.
That if you walk outside and look at the sky.
I'll be the brightest star that you see.
Just making sure all I love are safe, happy & free.
I'll always carry your love, it out shines all the rest.
And I'll always be here waiting until it's time for us to meet again.
For every life that is lost,
A new one rises again.
So for all those who are out there,
Don't fear it, for your journey has only just began.

***I read a story in the paper about a girl dying in a car crash her name was Alisha and it touched me so much this came about! ! ! ****

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