What I Love About You

What I love about you

To; my love

I love your beautiful amazing smile.
You are my favorite person in the whole universe.
I love hearing stories about your goals, thoughts and aspirations.
I love how talented you are at nurturing me back to health and taking care of me.
When we are apart, it makes me happy to think about how perfect you are and how lucky I am that I found you.
I believe we'd make a great politically correctness debate team.
I love you watch you sleep cuddled up tightly in my arms.
You deserve the "Best Girlfriend Ever" award.
I love the sound of your laugh when try I my best to cheer you up.
If you were a holiday, you'd be Christmas because you bring all the joy in the world out of me as if I were a child waiting for presents.
It's hard to put into words how strongly I feel about you! I love you with all my heart and saying it a million times doesn't come close to the way you make me feel!
I love how good you are at giving me "the ultimate finishes" 😉
I wish I had known you all my life.
I love how you make me fell so damn lovey!
I love going to bed with you… and holding you all night long!
I love to kiss you all over. 😉
You have the greatest taste in you! 😉 you taste delicious if you know what I mean.
I love how you show me you truly care every day.
If you wanted to, you could easily snag me because I practically propose every day!
You make me want to be a better person and the best boyfriend and soul mate I can be to you.
I would love to have children with you one day.
I love to run with you… even when I struggle to keep up.
I believe the world needs your unique personality and hard work ethic and generally just more of you, to me you are my world.
I am so glad that you love me!
We should totally spend the rest of our lives together. <3
I love how you want to be my girl and make me happy.
If you were a colour, you'd be red… because it's the colour of love and that's all I see whenever I look at you.
I still can't believe you are real.
I love how you fill my heart with joy.
It is so incredibly funny when you deny my convincing look works. 😉
I couldn't be happier with you in my life.
I love how you have strong determination and perseverance.
You give the best kisses ever!
I love remembering the time we visited my family for the first time and watching you hold my baby niece Elle.
I love to rub and massage your back.
Everyone should be as caring as you.
I love it when you hug me like you never want to let go!
I never get tired of your smile.
I love how you never get tired of my sometimes-ill-advised comments.
I love to feel your body next to mine.
I'd love to take you all over the world starting with Portugal or Australia.
I love it when you wear your summer dresses, sexy underwear or nothing at all! 😉
If you were a dessert, you'd be inside a cake holding ice cream cake ready to pop out in lingerie and surprise me… clearly! 😉
I always want to hear what you're going to say about our lives together.
I love how you love me so perfectly and show me in so many ways.
I love how you believe in me.
I'm kind of obsessed with you and your eyes!
I love how you make love to me.
Nobody else can fulfill me like you.
I am so happy that I found you, the woman of my dreams!

I Love you now and forever more

Daniel Gonçalves

by Daniel Goncalves

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Thank you Perdita Young for explaining the whole poem to me. It is a beautiful romantic poem!
When spray biginneth to springe, wonderful by Anonymous
I have been given, etc. I am worn out with lying awake for love, Weary as troubled water; In case anyone steals my partner from me I have been anxious for a long time. - It is better to suffer greatly for a time Than mourn for ever; Kindest of women, Listen to what I say. I have been given, etc.
I am seized with longing. There is no man in the world so talented That he can describe all her goodness; Her neck is whiter than the swan, And she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
She smiled at me charmingly, With a slim and well-shaped waist. Unless she is willing to accept me To be her own partner, I will give up living for long, And collapse, fated to die. I have been given, etc. - - At night, when I toss and turn- - That is why my cheeks grow pale- - Lady, all for your sake - -
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