(February 5,1951 / Little Rock, Arkansas United States of America)


we make useful things: things that won't shatter.
we make useful things, things that Matter.
think of a wave on the sea, I said;

think of a butterfly wing
crumbling to dust,
gold spotted;

they said weeping in lead.
you are besotted.
think of the rainbow edge

fluted along the floods
think of the mists that shrive
those in the house of sod.

and then the prairie rose
that no one has to mind
that glows in the mud

and the snow and the summers
honey hived.
these makers may stand and cheer

that long may their items survive.

but whatever is made by God
is the thing that has been alive.

mary angela douglas 4 april 2016

by Mary Angela Douglas

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I love the imagery here. Meaningful and uplifting. Wonderful write. Loved it.
I am human I can think anything I can do anything everything is rearranged by me God - I am not, but I can think about HIM I can make HIM in my thinking I can make HIM as doll I can make a shape of GOD and can worship I can worship a shapeless GOD- Who lives in my thinking God does nothing- I can do everything I make and I break I break and I remade For years after year.........
Enjoyed thanks for sharing.
All around us, we see things of eternal beauty endowed to man by the most merciful Almighty God. Lovely piece of writing. Congratulations.
Such a joyous poem. Written words are very inspiring. Just a very happy penned verse. Congratulation! ! !
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