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~~*~~alive? ~~*~~

Filled with the deep wine
Of my existance
I embrace my vegetation.
Growing aimlessly silent
Towering over the depths of despondency.
Unaccustomed to the sparrows dignity
There sweet chorus sung
In the early morn of my re-awakening
Just outside of my window of pain.
Going nowhere and yet somewhere...
My mind gleans the sacred places-
Corners kept secret and put away
For special moments:
When the aloness deafens
When the silence despairs
When only Roses will do!
To the point i am breaking
Splinters-they are everywhere.
Crashing, now my wine glass
It smashes the marbled floor.
Shards of my past cutting, splitting, bleeding.
I pick up all of my shattered yesterdays-
Neatly i tuck them away in my Thyme Drawer.
It is a place for the recipes
Of my entire life
That i can no longer ignore!

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Lawrence, No i don't have any witch hazel, kind of weird but i always associated that with withches, you know, the old dark-head long-haired crones, we see on Halloween! Lol! And hopefully not in real life, stirring up their pots of MEAN and SPITE! Alcohol, probably won't work on these cuts, but i am glad it took you to where i was going...only i was on a deeper level...nothing superficial about believe that Poison my real deep down points! Thank you both for taking the time to read and comment! May God Bless You, both! Theo
This is a tremendous piece of vivid writing. I see this clearly. OUCH...! I pricked my toe on that glass. You got any Witch Hazel? Alcohol? Well done, Theodora.
Theodora, I think to many of us have forgotten how to cook. I really loved the use of the thyme, and the referral to life, s reciepe. Very nice read, now you have reminded me that I have some cooking to do 'Keep on inking the Pages' Poison
Marci, Thank you so much for your words. For you to compare me with, those two, well, it really brings me up! Emily is my favorite, but I like the other as well. You are simply one of the kindest people to ever grace this page. You and Andrew, and lawrence, well, i cannot name you all, but well, you know how i feel, Thank you dear heart! xxoo, Theo
Well done Theodora, expressing pain, hurt and frustration...Yes, hard to ignore as it often cuts deep....Your comparisons and references in here, how you express yourself is excellent.....I see much of Sylvia and Emily in your writing...It should be out there for all to read that love poetry....BRAVO I SAY TO, marci.xo